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Happy Workers

Employee testimonials

"STech is a grown up place to work where everyone is treated as a valued member of the team. The company ethos towards employees is great, and you are surrounded by a brilliant group of supportive colleagues."
Sophie - Project Coordinator
"STech has the most positive working environment I have experienced. Everyone is so welcoming and supportive, I really feel like a valued part of the team."
David - Back End Developer
"STech has an employee-centric culture and this is seen in the quality of life at work. I never miss a smile when logging in and always feel productive."
Jan -UX Executive

Meet the team

We love our STech teams, each of whom have been put together with the right balance of skills and personalities. So let us introduce you to the teams that make STech work.

​​​​​​​Our mission is to create and deliver value to our customers through creative and effective marketing strategies. We strive to build strong relationships with our customers and to provide them with the best possible experience.
The HR team takes care of STech's most valuable asset; its employees.  We're here to make sure that you have everything you need to perform your best work. We're also responsible for creating a healthy work environment that attracts and retains talented people.
​​​​​​​As the (virtual) face of the business, we believe in first contact resolution and providing the best experience possible for our customers. We also hold ourselves to the highest standards of compliance, particularly when it comes to player safety.
The payments team is at the forefront of revolutionising payment experiences, crafting innovative solutions that exceed our customer expectations. With a keen focus on market insights and customer needs, we develop cutting-edge products that redefine convenience and security.
​​​​​​​As a Compliance and AML team, we are here to ensure that we, as a company, follow all guidelines and regulatory requirements provided by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.
At STech our Engineering and Data teams provide the backbone to the business. Some of us love delving into database design, some of us love nit-picking website designs for usability, and some of us love cleaning data. What binds us together is our shared love of technology and innovation.